VLA Shepparton is at capacity for family law matter

Due to capacity, VLA Shepparton is not accepting referral for family law matter until further notice.

Collaboration Request: Review of Legal Help Online Tool

We are currently reviewing the effectiveness of Legal Help Online (LHO).

If you and/or your organisation would like to participate please email me on Yemi.Vomero@vla.vic.gov.au or the LHO email inbox: LHO@vla.vic.gov.au.

As part of this engagement, we will look at:

• Service information in LHO to ensure it is up to date.

• Add any services that may not already be included within LHO's service database.

• Seek input on which additional legal and/or non-legal organisations or services should be included within the LHO directory.

• Obtain feedback on user experience of LHO, as well as any insights on the functionality of the tool.

Your participation and input in this process are invaluable.

Women's Integrated Legal Outreach (WILO)

Women's Integrated Legal Outreach

What WILO Can Offer?

CRIMINAL LAWYER. Who will provide legal advice, court advocacy and representation for your court matter.

SOCIAL WORKER SUPPORT. Wrap around support before, during and up to 6 months after court.

PERSON CENTRED APPROACH. We work with the person and their current situation to work toward their individualised goals.

OTHER LEGAL HELP. Specialised family law and family violence legal advice or assistance to address additional legal issues.

Who WILO Support? 

WILO is a program for people who identify as women or gender diverse that have a pending criminal charge and want legal representation along with wraparound social work support.

To refer a client, contact us on 9419 3744 or email reception@fls.org.au

Victims Legal Service (VLS) expansion

The VLS is being expanded to support victim survivors of sexual violence in protecting the disclosure of confidential communications.

The expanded service provides legal assistance, advice and representation to victim survivors of sexual offences who want to understand their options to prevent or restrict the disclosure of their confidential communications in court. The service also assists complainants who wish to consent to the release of private documents in an informed way.

Contact the Victims Legal Service Helpline on 1800 531 566 (toll free) between 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Contact can also be made Women’s Legal Service Victoria or Djirra directly for help.

Referrals to the Police Accountability Project - Service Update

The Police Accountability Project is currently closed for intake. Please do not refer clients directly to the service at this time. Warm referrals from other services will be considered on a case-by-case basis and can be sent to info@imcl.org.au – attention PAP.

Reminder to all VLA offices: How to update service information in LHO

A reminder about the importance of regularly checking and updating your service information in LHO. This information is relied upon by staff (particularly the Legal Help team) when they are looking for appropriate internal services (phone advice, appointments and Duty Lawyer services) for callers.

Remember, if there are capacity issues or no appointments available, it is really important that you update this information in your service description so that you do not receive inappropriate referrals

Please see the video on : How to update services in LHO (for VLA ASMs and other Service Directory updates) on the Dashboard wall.

If you have any questions or need help to update your service information in LHO, please get in touch with the team at LHO@vla.vic.gov.au.


How to control the referrals coming to your organisation through Legal Help Online

VLA users: How to update services in LHO (for VLA ASMs and other Service Directory updaters)